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Episode One: The Debut

Scheduled For One Fall, in one way or another, has been around for four years. Like the pushes of many wrestlers, there have been many starts and stops. Simply put, life got in the way.

Since our last post, things have changed. We’ve gotten older and have gotten settled into our lives. We even graduated from college (finally). With a game plan and a new medium, we are ready to join the wrestling community… for good.

We made our podcasting debut Sunday. Here were the topics discussed.

-Piper (RIP).
-Cesaro’s possible push and being the wrestling in WWE.
-Leo Kruger returning?-Cena’s MVP 2015 and being back into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture.
-Lucha Underground and their season finale, Ultimate Lucha.

To everyone who has checked out the podcast, thank you. We will have new shows every Sunday. If you can, spread the word!